Position Title: FULL-TIME SALES & MARKETING ENGINEER Work Location: Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Monthly Salary: RM3000-RM4000 Industry: Transportation Adhesives & Sealants Solutions Job Responsibilities: Identify and develop new business opportunities with new and existing clients Involved in products’ development and marketing Maintaining relationships with new & existing clients Provide technical support through online channels and on-site […]

How To Use E88

Cosmo Sprint Industries Malaysia Automotive Sealants and Adhesives Series – E88 PU Sealant For Automotive Car Windscreen/Windshield Packaging: Cartridge 310ml Colour: Black Description: E88 PU Sealant For Automotive Car Windscreen/Windshield is a commercial grade, one part, non-sag, polyurethane sealant that cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture to form a durable and weathering resistant elastomer, manufactured in […]